Barcelona Olfaction Week 2020


The Perfume and Barcelona

Matching an old story

Barcelona Olfaction Week (BOW) is an international event to promote the perfumery industry innovation, the olfaction science, and the beauty culture in general. It is a week full of physical and digital activities boost by the Spanish perfumery industry historically located in Barcelona. During that week, Barcelona (and its surroundings) becomes the city of perfume concentrating different cultural, scientific and artistic activities always focused on the world of smell and perfume.

To sum up, BOW was born with the vision of projecting the world of perfumery and its special historical relationship with Barcelona.

2020 is the first edition of the Bow, but in fact, the main activities has been carried out individually during the last years to be finally grouped in this joint global event.



Matching an old story

With a clear purpose of adding value, the aim of BOW is to make visible that Barcelona is one of the most relevant and traditional perfume creative center in the world. Second, we work to claim the relevance of the sense of smell. Finally, we want to project worldwide that the world of perfume is at the same time art, culture, and science.

In the BOW there is also room for science. The Barcelona Olfaction Congress (BOC) is the scientific part of the BOW. The congress is meant to interconnect, train and, promote olfactory science innovation for professionals within the fragrance and perfumery industry. This year, we celebrate online the second edition with international speakers and experienced companies in the field. We will count with international experts like Alexander Wiltschlko from Google will talk about the relationship between the structure of a molecule and its odor.

The content of the congress will include thematics like artificial Intelligence applied to scent, global trends & future challenges, sustainability & green chemistry, fragrance biodegradability, last industry innovations and researches from tech-transfer centres (encapsulation technology, olfactory receptors,botanical research), body odor management, scent testing and perfume history will be at the core of this edition. 


BOW is an event born for the industry and everyone is welcome to collaborate. As soon as we close the 2020 edition, we will call our organization committee to start organizing the next edition. In any case, we have learnt this year that digital tools are key to involve and facilitate the participation of international stakeholders and probably some events will remain as pure digital activities and others blended. The main goal for 2021 is to keep a sustainable growth of the event without losing the focus on being a valuable activity for the perfumery industry.